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About the island    

Spetses, the gem of the Argosaronic Gulf, is a most popular tourist destination both for Greek and foreign tourists, since it combines plenty of natural beauty, lovely beaches with crystal-clear waters and a picturesque, as well as aristocratic, port-capital.  The pine-clad island is also brimming with aromatic plants and herbs, hence the Venetian name Isola di Spezzie, or ‘island of fragrances’, from which its current name is derived.

With their enormous contribution to the Greek war of independence from the Turks -thanks to their exquisite maritime experience- the island’s captains and seamen (among them the legendary female captain Bouboulina) have significantly influenced its outcome: with the historical torching of the Turkish flagship during the sea battle of Spetses, the Ottoman fleet suffered a crushing defeat, an event that is annually celebrated with an impressive revival during the Armata Festival (see ‘Worth Seeing’).

Today the town of Spetses beguiles the visitor with the reminders of this glorious past, which are everywhere to be seen, from the grand mansions lining the elegant promenade to the historical quarter of Kounoupitsa on the other side.  Dapia, the old fortified port, with the heavy canons and the exquisite -made of pebbles- mosaic ground of its piazza, a gathering place for the magistrates and captains of the 18th century, is still the lively center of the town, while a little further on the sea front, stands imposing the emblematic classical building of Possidonion, a landmark of Spetses.

Here you can indulge in wonderful walks, like the one from Kounoupitsa to the old harbour with a lovely view to the coastline of Peloponnese, or from Spetses hotel to Faros.  You can enjoy the same and even more romantic routes riding with the town’s signature horse-carriages.

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