Join the islanders in one of the most impressive athletic events in Greece. Spetsathlon is a 3-day event taking place in May, attracting not only professional athletes but anyone persistent enough to test his own limits. A wonderful event that combines running, swimming and biking. Whether you choose to take part in Spetsathlon or admire the efforts of the contestants, this is a unique experience!
Mini Marathon
Mini Marathon

Organized in October, Spetses Mini Marathon is a cornerstone multi-sport event attracting worldwide attention and interest. Each year a new record of attendance is set, having been established in 2011 and continuing on its upward trajectory ever since. Anyone can join, be it a toddler or a teen, a sport enthusiast or a professional athlete. And along with the athletic events, cultural events also take place during Spetses Mini Marathon.
Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta

With a rich background in maritime and naval accomplishments, it is no wonder why Spetses hosts one of the most emblematic events of the year in the sea. Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta is held every year in absolute success during summer and offers an extraordinary experience for both the participants and the audience. Sailing is celebrated in the most magnificent manner and you are welcome to attend!

The ‘Armata’ festival

On the second weekend of September each year, the historical event which is impressively revived here is the crucial sea battle of Spetses that took place on the 8th of September 1822.  The vehement naval fight in the island’s harbour ended up in the Ottoman fleet’s crushing defeat by the united naval forces of Spetses and neighboring Hydra and significantly influenced the outcome of the Greek war of Independence against the Turks.

The heroic torching of the Turkish flagship was the battle’s climax, as the event’s spectacular revival in the harbour is nowadays the climax of the Armata Festival celebrations.  These festivities last a whole week and also combine celebrating the Panagia Armata (Virgin Mary of the Armata), the church of which was built in commemoration of the event near Faros a few years afterwards.

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