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Visit Greece

The travel experience begins from Spetses but we are able to enhance it with the most enjoyable excursions and other creative promenades, which will satisfy everyone’s needs…

First Excursion

Within the precious help of a guide or with entrance free of charge, you can visit in a five hours programmed tour, Ermionida. You will have the chance to explore local abbeys that are characterized by their antique and unique colors.

Grand Cave of Didima
Didima has in its hart two smaller caves, thing that makes her unique! The small cave then has a depth of 80 meters and a diameter of 150 meters...

Egg Monastery
Leaving the monastery Egg, thoughts are varied. What kind of faith could push the people of that time to leave the world and be isolated in those heights, which lived in a stone building characterized by an absolute lack of comfort in living...?

Monastery St. Anargyroi
Located 1 km from the Bay ' Porto Capari "and it is a jewel for the area.Thousands of pilgrims arrive there to pray and be cured of the saint waters of its fountain.The foundation of the abbey is probably situated between the 11th and 14th century and initially was male prosperous monastery. During the Revolution of 1821 helped the fighters. In 1946, it was renovated and converted into a female monastery so it works today. The main temple is located in the center of the courtyard and has tree sides. In the northern and oldest part they give honor to Saints Anargyri , at the Central the Assumption while the southern part the Birth of John the Baptist . You can admire the exquisite frescoes date from the 16th and 17th c, the wooden and full of gold temple called “iconostasis” and the rich library...


Second Excursion

Starting your journey from Costa you will be able to visit the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus having the opportunity to attend a theatrical performance or a stroll in the ancient district. Also, the same tour can be combined with a walk in Nafplio , where you can walk the streets and rest for two hours enjoying the view opposite Bourtzi ...


Third Excursion

The dreamiest excursion is carried out in the archaeological sites of Argolida. Walks can be tailored to the wishes of players and start at 8:00 Return at 17:00. The tour completes all fields of interest starting from the theater of Epidaurus, we continue with a visit to Mycenae Tiryns and Palamidi , where you can enjoy local delicacies at taverns….

Ancient Tiryntha
The size of the boulders that were used principally for the walls of the third phase caused wonder and admiration already in antiquity, which is directly reflected in the myth of the Cyclops. The boulders weighing several tons to justify the view that neither Pausanias pair of mules were unable to move the least of them.

Mycenae are located between two conical hills. According to tradition were founded by Perseus and his dynasty and lasted three generations. Then the Atreides dominated during which were built and most of the monuments. In the 12th century. BC they started to decline. Then, the Dorians occupation was followed and then from Argos (468p.Ch. ) . In the 2nd century. AD Mycenae was completed ruined. The visitor who visit the site will admire the " Lion Gate " , the " cyclopean walls ", the " Palace of Atreides ," the Grave Circles A and B , the famous " Treasure of Atreus ", the " tomb of Clytemnestra ' and many other construction projects that will travel to the mythical and glorious times .


Forth Excursion

Costa -Athens (8: 00-17 : 00)
If you choose this route you will have the opportunity to visit the capital of Greece but also two of the most famous museums, the National Museum and the Acropolis Museum, where you can enjoy a delicious coffee with view the magic of the temple of the Acropolis.

Costa Mystras (8: 00-17 : 00)
The castle city of Mystras is not just the most important ancient site in Laconia but one of the monuments - symbols of Greece, "pilgrimage " , literally , for fans of history , a point of reference for theOrthodox world. When someone decides to visit Peloponnese, just cannot exclude Mistra tour. This currently applies to ordinary travelers; this is well known for centuries for travelers and history lovers.

Costa Arcadia * Rafting *
For lovers of adventure and not only is there the possibility to organize Rafting in River Vlachorafti ! The experience and the beauty of the landscape will enchant anyone who chooses to go for excursions in Arcadia! After the workout, guests can dine on traditional taverns where they can taste traditional Greek dishes, achieving the best way to complete their travel experience...
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